Frequently Asked Questions

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Click on Brands to find a card. You will need an email address to complete your sign up.

You can choose from any of the available brands or card design that you like.

NFT Market Card exists as a physical and virtual card. After creating your card, you can choose to order a physical one.

With your NFT Market Card, you can buy, store, send and receive NFTs easily.

You can access benefits such as NFT Access at the point of entry to an event by verifying your card.

Yes, you can deposit and withdraw crypto from your card.

NFT Market Card serves as an easy to use blockchain wallet, it enables you to take advantage of all features and benefits the blockchain has to offer. For example, you can receive & transfer NFTs and crypto or even connect to other Decentralized applications for a whole new experiences.

Using your card

To receive an NFT on your card, simply login and copy your card address, then give it to anyone who wants to send you an NFT. Thats all, your NFT should show up once it has been sent.

Yes, you can transfer NFTs to anyone with your card.

NFT Market Card currently supports the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain. You may only send NFTs from these blockchains to your card.


Send us an email to or DM us on Twitter @nftmarketafrica for a quicker response.

Unfortunately, we do not store your card PIN. Please check your Secret Document.
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