Getting Started

Creating a self-custodial blockchain wallet.


NFT Market Card is a highly secure blockchain wallet which exists as a virtual and physical card. It enables you to receive crypto, NFTs, as well as stream music NFTs or attend an NFT event.

Your wallets private key is generated on your browser and is never stored by us, making it one of the most secured blockchain wallet in the market. Follow the steps below to create your own card.

1. Choosing a card brand ✅

Just like bank cards, there are different brands to choose from with different card designs. Find a card from your favorite creators/brands or card design and click on get card.

You will be sent to a form to fill in your details, choose a username and a 6 digit PIN to secure your card.

2. Securing your private keys ✅

After creating your card, it is important to secure your private keys and card information for accessing your blockchain wallet later.

Click on Download Secret Document to download your private key security document. Keep this document somewhere safe and do not give it to anyone else. It has all the neccessary information to access your diigital assets.

3. Logging into your card ✅

Now that you have created your card and kept your secret document, you can login to your card anytime using your card number and 6 digit PIN.

Click here to login

4. Receiving crypto & NFTs ✅

To receive cryptocurrency & NFTs, simply copy your card address and send digital assets to it. You will now be able to view your digital assets in your card.

Make sure you only send digital assets from a supported blockchain (Ethereum & Polygon)

5. Streaming music NFTs ✅

One of the really cool features of NFT Market Card is its ability to stream music digital assets (Music NFTs). To start streaming, send a music NFT to your card address and click on Play ▶️. It is that simple!

Start streaming the music that you own, start collecting from your favorite artists.

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